About Us - Company History

Econblox is a division of Toteflix Inc., and is located in Vancouver. Our company was founded in 2004, and has been a standout performer in educational video production and online content delivery. We have consistently satisfied blue-chip clients that include Pepsi, Air Canada, and a variety of broadcasters, universities and governments.

We entered the educational market in 2009, managing large-scale, high quality video production projects for universities and government. The business grew, and we decided in 2010 that the time was right to produce proprietary economics videos for online learning programs.

Our original videos featured expert teachers of introductory economics from universities across North America. As interest in these broadcast-quality videos and animations grew, we built a full complement of world-class content around the videos.   We now deliver a large library of online economics videos to universities and colleges, and directly to motivated learners via our own accredited online Business Economics Specialist courses.

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